5 ways to be safe when starting a new relationship – Guest Post

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New relationships are fun and exciting. It can be exhilarating to meet someone new and get to learn about them. While the desire is there to just jump into the relationship, it is a good idea to slowly ease into a relationship and take your time in getting to know the person before moving into a something serious. This article will discuss ways in which you can be safe when starting a new relationship while having fun at the same time.

  1. Take your time getting to know the person. It is okay to do so and a good partner will want to do the same. Go out to dinner or bowling with friends and meet the new person there. See how the person engages with your friends and interacts with you. This is a great way to get to know a person slowly without the pressures of having to hold the conversation or move too fast. Just have fun together!
  2. Tell at least one friend or close family member that you are dating somebody new. While it may sound crazy to do so when you have just met the person, it is a good idea to let them know for safety reasons. Not to say that your new love is a bad person, it is just to be precautionary, open, and honest with those that are close to you. In fact, they know you so well that even if you didn’t tell them anything, they would probably know. So, why not share?
  3. Trust yourself. If you are out on a date with someone new and you get a funny feeling in your gut that something is not right, chances are high that you are correct. Trust your instincts and if you are feeling as if something is strange or off-putting, you can make the decision to stop seeing the person.
  4. While physical attraction is very important and can often override even the most level-headed individual, if you are interested in a serious relationship, it is best to date and get to know the person and their values before engaging in physical activity. Open communication, honesty, and trust in the other person is paramount in creating a relationship that will be conducive to one of longevity. While physical activity is important for intimacy and being in touch with one another, you should be comfortable talking to your partner about their past relationships and partners, health history, and their goals for the relationship. For your safety, health, and overall well-being, the answers to these questions can help you make a good decision in moving forward or not. Remember you have the choice to decide if you want to be physical or not. If you do decide to engage in physical activity with your new beau, be sure to request that he or she gets tested. You should do so as well. In fact, options for same day std testing are available should you not want to waste any time.
  5. Be honest with yourself and with your partner. If you just got out of a marriage or a long-term relationship, you may not want to get seriously involved with someone else right away. On the contrary, if you are looking for someone to spend the rest of your life with, it is good to know that too. In a nonchalant way, be sure to let your partner know what your goals are. If you are serious about establishing a long term relationship, it is good to know if your partner feels the same. If you are not interested in something serious, it is also fair and courteous to let the other person know that too.