5 Ways to help a friend who may have an addiction (Guest Post)

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Addiction can be a very difficult problem to address. First, an addict must admit to himself that he is getting addicted to a certain substance and that it is harmful to him. Next is to actively seek treatment and guidance from professionals. While they may sound simple and easy, the success rate is actually like crossing a mountain without proper training. If you have friends or loved ones that are dealing with addiction, helping them and taking the initiative in talking to them will actually make the process better and more efficient. Below are 5 ways in order for you to help them get through addiction.

Talk to them

The most important part in helping your loved ones get through addiction is to talk to them and get through their barriers. Try to understand them and make them feel that they are not alone. Try to talk about their problems and the issues that they are going through, why they ended up abusing drugs, alcohol or any addictive substance. Once you successfully establish an open communication line, saving them and getting them treated will be faster and more efficient.

Bring them to a new environment

Traveling or making your loved ones who are suffering from addiction experience a new environment will greatly help improve their situation. Most of the time, addicts who are trapped in the same environment will still end up going back to their addiction. It is very helpful, if you bring them to a new place that will make them forget their addiction. By visiting new places and talking to new people they will subconsciously forget about their addiction and in most cases, open up about their problems and actively seek treatment themselves.

The Addiction Advocates

If you have problems with talking to your loved ones, then you can try to bring them to The Addiction Advocates. These are experts and professionals in the field of addiction treatment. They listen and try to formulate the best intervention or treatment program for the patient to undergo to. As already stated above, communication is the key to an effective treatment. And with experts from the addiction advocates, you can be assured of the effectiveness of their program.

Make them feel that they are not alone

No man is an island. It is a very famous saying and has already been proven time and time again. And with addicts, isolating themselves and creating their own islands, talking to them and assuring them that you are always there for them will make them create those bridges back to their loved ones and friends. You can tell them, that they can rely on you and you will always try to understand them. Although, you don’t want to spoil them, press the right buttons and you will surely get to them.

Give them a new chance in life

Addicts will not end up as cripples or will be forever dependents. It is very important that after they get treated, they need to be given the chance to be trusted with their own decisions and paths in life. Give them guidance and counseling. Often remind them that their new lives are precious gifts and that they should treasure them and never go back to those dark times again.